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27 July, 2021: THANK YOU for your support in our USA TOUR!!!

We wanted to first of all express our gratitude to the LORD for His protection and provision for us during the RESTORE ISRAEL & ELIHANA ELIA TOUR to the USA!

We also wanted to thank each one of you who showed your support and attended the concerts, events, as well as the seminars at Kingdom Life University.

We especially want to thank Dr. Jerry Brandt, president of the university, for being so receptive to our seminar: "RESTORATION of ISRAEL and the NATIONS".

The recorded teachings will be available on Restore Israel's YouTube channel. (We will let you know once we have all of the lessons available online.)

Here are some photos highlighting the tour:

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Stand with Israel for such a time as this!
Jerusalem -GREEN & GOLD TRIM Small Tallit (Prayer Shawl) KIT
Large NATURAL Shofar
Jerusalem -ROYAL BLUE Small Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
Elia Hebrew Ulpan - Learn Modern Hebrew!
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