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14 July, 2021: Congratulations to my mother, Dr. Hadassah Elia!!

Congratulations to my beautiful mother, Dr. Hadassah Elia, in your accomplishment, your Doctorate degree in Theology (Bible and History) through Kingdom Life University!!! BARUCH HASHEM

You are an inspiration not only as our mother and a spiritual mom to many, you are a woman of G-D, and an excellent teacher of the Word.

BEZRAT HASHEM (G-D willing) I hope to get there too as I study through Kingdom Life University.

I honor you for your hard work and many years of dedication of service to the Kingdom, that inspires me to follow your footsteps to serve G-D and fulfill my calling in Him.

We are so proud of you Hadassah Elia, we love you very much and are honored to call you our mother.

I absolutely recommend Kingdom Life University (KLU) to everyone that is interested in studying the Word of G-D and to be equipped in the Word to fulfill G-D’s calling and purposes for your life!

To register, you can check KLU out at Prof. Dr. Jerry

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