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October 8th, 2023: BLESS THE IDF RESERVES TODAY!!!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

A message from Israel Elia, the founder of this campaign, in Jerusalem right now:


We are now working on MORE VESTS for the next team!!

Here is a picture of the FIRST TEAM WE PROVIDED VESTS FOR! 🙌

Be assured that ALL FUNDS for this Campaign will be specifically given DIRECTLY to these IDF Reserves, to purchase BULLET PROOF VESTS and brand new IDF approved equipment.

Tens of thousands of Israeli Reserve soldiers are reporting to their units and are now on their way either to the northern border with Lebanon or to Gaza in the south.

Almost all foreign airliners have cancelled their flights to and from Israel due to the ongoing barrages of rockets from Gaza.

All of El Al flights are completely full as thousands of Israelis must return to join their reserve unit.

Please pray for all of the Reserves who are returning to serve.🙏

Reports of death toll are over 900. Over 2000 wounded. Over 5000 rockets have been launched. Pray for the restoration of peace and for the comfort of all the families that have lost loved ones.

For those who want to help in a real tangible way, one of the most urgent needs right now is to provide all of these Reserves who have been called upon, with proper equipment, such as BULLET PROOF VESTS.

Our ministry, Restore Israel & Nations Ministry, is directly connected with many of these Reserves who are on their way to Israel right now, and they are asking for help.

Bless these IDF Reserves with whatever The LORD puts in your heart to give!

Restore Israel has already sent in funds to supply BULLETPROOF VESTS for the FIRST TEAM OF 19 MEMBERS - costing $700 each. These vests come with backpacks so they can be ready when they arrive for the mission.

We have set a goal of $20,000, so that we are able to help as many of these Reserves as possible.

As shown in the pictures below, the equipment that they have received from the IDF is very old and not in very good condition:

Message from The Reserves Team-

"We are a team of 19 IDF infantry reservists called up to serve in this war against Hamas. Due to a severe lack of available supplies, we are currently operating without adequate gear such as bullet proof vests.

We are calling on our sisters and brothers to stand behind us in this difficult hour and support us to the maximum of your ability so that we can take the fight to Hamas without adding the unnecessary risk of going in ill equipped.

We are ready to do our part, please help us by doing yours."

Please click on the DONATE BUTTON to give your best toward this ministry work:

If you would like more information about this opportunity, PLEASE CALL OR MESSAGE ISRAEL ELIA: +1 (561) 476-3747 (Also on WhatsApp)

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. May ADONAI protect our soldiers! 🙏🇮🇱🙏

Please SHARE this post with others who are able and willing to help!

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