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Shalom dear friends,

In a few hours we are about to RELEASE one of the most special worship songs in Hebrew and English I have ever had the privilege to record in my life.

It is another composition by Dr. Hadassah Elia and myself, inspired by the Ruach, and the heart of our Heavenly Father toward Israel, indeed for such a time as this, as Israel is facing challenges on every side. Please pray for Israel;

And humbly I ask that if you haven’t yet please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel so you can hear this precious worship song (music lyric video) as we release it … and many more edifying music videos of PROPHETIC praise and worship.

This prophetic worship song particularly has taken much time and effort to produce, our best efforts and sincere worship cry from our heart for the salvation of Israel. We hope it blesses you.

Please, also subscribe to

With much love,

Elihana Elia

‎אליחנה אליה

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