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16 May, 2021: "Come To The Table" SHAVUOT -LIVE BROADCAST!!

Updated: May 16, 2021

Make sure to READ this post through, till THE VERY END!! There's a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end!! :)

We are so excited about #GalileeAwakening V - "COME TO THE TABLE" broadcast!!!

The Invitation will broadcast on SHAVUOT, SUNDAY MAY 16th at 19:19 Israel Time ( 7:19pm)

You can sign up on RADIANT ISRAEL'S Facebook page or on their website:

This has been completely divinely orchestrated from the beginning. The Lord has special plans for this MOED - FEAST OF ADONAI. We are believing for a rushing wind of the RUACH HA'KODESH'S (Holy Spirit's) Presence. We are praying for a baptism of fire!!

We’re looking forward to sharing with you what The LORD has put on our hearts.

This special gathering will feature Elihana Elia - אליחנה אליה and Magi G with special worship sessions from Caesarea and The City of The Great King - Jerusalem. We feel that The Lord has something very special in store for us all.

So, for those who are not able to see Elihana during her SHAVUOT TOUR in the USA will be able to watch the Shavuot Broadcast from home!

Make sure to mark your calendars!!

In the mean time, watch this POWERFUL DISCUSSION with ELIHANA ELIA about the manifest presence of The RUACH HA'KODESH (Holy Spirit) and the GLORY of The LORD leading up to the FEAST OF ADONAI- SHAVUOT (Pentecost). You don’t want to miss this!


Lastly (but certainly NOT least!), ELIHANA will be RELEASING the NEW SINGLE called "COME TO THE TABLE" on SUNDAY MAY 16th, in celebration of SHAVUOT!!

So please make sure to look out for it in ELIHANA'S STORE! It will also be available to stream and download in all major online platforms!!!

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